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Updated 24-September-2018


Everyone in the club has been sent an email for entries. Please check your email spam folders and email contactus if you have not received an entry link please email.

Sunday Sessions are during the regular training slot @ Corsham.

All members of the clubs, Synchro, Masters, Pre-Masters, Fundamentals, Skills and Performance squads are permitted to enter the Club Championships.

Entries will open during the weekend of the 26th May 2018 and Close on the 15th June 2018 [NOW CLOSED]

Entries are by electronic form, if your email address has changed recently please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible to ensure you are emailed a link to the form to your current email address (I will forward this onto the Club Secretary and Membership Secretary unless you request otherwise). You should receive one email per swimmer (please check your spam folder). We will confirm via email that your entry has been received, with an email containing a list of the entries that you requested and a link to allow you to edit the entries. Helen Sheppard and Gary Barnett will be available poolside to help with the entry form if needed


Swimmer Entry Cost [Entire Championships] - Under9's [£10], Novices [£25], Masters(including Pre Masters) [£25], Main [£35], Members of the Performance Squad who are also a member of the Masters Squad [£35].

Spectator Entry Cost [All sessions NOT held during the normal training time at the normal training pool] - £3 per session. (There are 5 sessions - Sprints 1, Sprints 2, Distance, 400 freestyle, 200 breaststroke) (This is to help partly offset the additional pool costs).

Note: Once your entries are completed you are required to pay the entry costs unless special circumstances occur. Poolside entries or other entries during the competition are not permitted

Masters: Masters (inlcuding Pre-Masters) will be eligible to enter all the main events and the 25m Time Trials in order to obtain times from a licensed meet. Masters entering the main event will not be eligible for the parents race under the same entry fee. Masters must be members of the Chippenham ASC Masters squad. Up to a maximum of £35.

Parents: If you are a parent and would like to enter the parents race this year, please email the webmaster and we will add your name to the entry form and email you a link to the form to complete. Thank you, Philip. [£10 fee]

Not Listed on Squad List? Please email the webmaster and I will add your name to the entry form, and squad list and email you a link to the form that needs completing. (Please note sometimes there are additional checks undertaken, so this may take a couple of days).

In order to qualify for entry into the Club Championships you must have completed your membership registration on or before the 1st April 2018. New members joining after this date may enter as a Time Trial (TT) up to and including the closing date for entries, 15th June 2018 @ Midnight, after which all entries are closed. Please review your entries and email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible if you find any problems.

(Times obtained up to and including the 3rd June 2018 will be used).

Schedule for 2018 Club Championships.

Note: You must be a paid member of Chippenham ASC prior to the 1st April 2018 to qualify for awards (Category 1, 2 or 3), after this date you may enter as a time trail up until the closing date for entries (15th June 2018).

VenueEventDateLicense Number
Calne  Sprints 1 Saturday  30/06/18 @ 17:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SW181349
St Mary's  Sprints 2 Saturday 14/07/18 @ 16:15hrs Level 4 License # 4SW181350
Corsham  200 IM Sunday    25/11/18 @ 19:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SW182443
St Mary's  Distance Saturday  29/09/18 @ 17:15hrs Level 4 License # 4SW182436
St Mary's
 400 freestyle + TT Saturday  13/10/18 @ 17:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SW182437
Corsham  200 backstroke Sunday    14/10/18 @ 19:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SW182438
Corsham  200 butterfly Sunday    28/10/18 @ 19:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SW182439
Corsham  200 freestyle Sunday    4/11/18 @ 19:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SW182440
St Mary's  200 breaststroke Saturday  10/11/18 @ 17:15hrs Level 4 License # 4SW182441
Corsham  400 IM Sunday    11/11/18 @ 19:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SW182442

Provisonal - Dates and Times. License Numbers will be confirmed later. Items in Red Text need to be confirmed due to potential clashes. All events outside or normal training pool will have a spectator charge to cover the additional costs of pool hire. St Mary's or Calne are used to reduce the length of time of these events.

Entry times

*The CASC internal performance database will not be updated for any Gala's after the closing date for entries and therefore improved times will not be used for heating swimmers. 

Heat sheets will be printed on the night apart from Pre-heated Sessions when you should bring your own please.

Entry times for Sessions 1 & 2 in June/July will be taken from rankings or the *CASC internal database up to and including Sunday 3rd June 2018 

(This is to allow time for the heat sheets and time cards to be printed and guillotined for the sprints events.)

Entry times for Sessions 3-10 in September to November will be taken from the CASC internal performance database and improved times from rankings will be used prior to these sessions – Heat sheets will be printed on the night and handed out. Please note we will generally check rankings on the Friday evening before the weekend's events, this means that generally open-meets from the previous weekend will be included.

The Pre-Heated - Time Trail event for Session 05 - 400 Freestyle (25m sprints) will be printed about 2 weeks in advance (previous 25m times will be used where possible).

Approximate Schedule (for Guidance Only: Things outside our control can cause this to change!)

  • 1st April 2018 – Deadline for membership, after which all new members will be eligible to enter as time trail only (No awards/medals/trophies ).
  • 30th April 2018 - Final Schedule published  - [Still TBA due to conflicting dates for 200IM - this will be sheduled during a nomal training session]
  • 27th May 2018 – Entries Open (Email Invites Sent) (3 Weeks allowed for entry - 1 week removed as there are less openmeets)
  • 15th June 2018 – Entries Close at Midnight (Please ensure payments are made before 23rd June)

Normally a week is allowed here for openmeet results to become available. This is not required this year

  • 17th June 2018 – Start Lists Published (Entries Received)

7 Days parents review (Please check the starts lists carefully and as soon as possible]

  • 23/24th June 2018 – Events Heated (Gary - Sat) and Heatsheets Printed (Philip - Sun) for Officials for Sessions 1 & 2 - Final Heatsheets published  - [After the 26th June - Please Print your own copies for Sessions 01 & 02]
  • 30th June 2018 – Club Championships Start Sessions 1-2
  • 29th Sept 2018 – Club Championships Start Sessions 3-10

 Note: When the Entries open please apply for all Sessions and Events for July and September to November. You may change entries for session 3-10, ideally with as much advance warning as possible please.

[We are seeking officials and volunteer for these events - if you would like to help out or could spare the time to get trained to at least timekeeper or volunteer to help please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]


2018 First Time? - READ THIS. Link
2018 Instructions for Entry Link
2018 Online Entry Form (via Email) See Emails
2018 Licensed Meet Pack (Sessions 1-2) - Contains the list of events Link
2018 Licensed Meet Pack (Sessions 3-10) TBD
2018 Squad List Link
2018 Sprints Night(s) - Parents Guide Link
2018 Event Eligibility Link
2018 Entries Received (Check email confirmations) [and Payments Recieved] Link
2018 Start Lists (Session 1) TBD
2018 Heat Sheets - Sprints 1 Link
2018 Hest Sheets - Sprints 2 Link
2018 Heat Sheets - Time Trials after 400 Freestyle Event TBDTBD

Please note we will update times in the starts lists on a best endeavours basis. This normally will be the friday before the event - apart from Sprints 1 & 2 and the Time Trials which will be heated in advance.

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We need more licensed officials to run events and to complete behind the scenes roles. Why not start to train as an official? Its not as daunting as you think. Most of the training is done on pool side at a pace that suites you. Join a Judge 1 course to see what it is all about. Questions? Please ask Darren Hall or e-mail the club This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are a parent of a CASC swimmer and have an hour or two to spare each week please contact a member of the committee either on poolside or via the 'contact us' link above as we are always looking for help from committed parents. Support is welcome both on poolside and behind the scenes with club administration / management functions.

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