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BATH TRANSPORT ROTA - May 2017 - Aug 2017
• We are currently scheduling THREE drivers for 11 swimmers.
• We meet at 6.30pm at Sainsburys to Organise swimmers at into vehicles to leave at 6.45pm latest and and drop back to Sainsbury's at approximately 9.45pm.
• Drivers will be used in number order depending on number of swimmers.
• Drivers must be informed asap if a swimmer intends missing a session.
• It is up to drivers to arrange swaps directly if they are unavailable.  If a swap is arranged can you make at least one of the other scheduled drivers aware so we know who to expect


01.05 Bank Hol
08.05 Hall, Brown, Sheppard
15.05 Shorland, Hall, Brown,
22.05 Cairns, Shorland, Hall
29.05 Bank Hol

05.06 Pidgeon, Cairns, Shorland.
12.06 Jones, Pidgeon, Cairns.
19.06 Shepard, Jones, Pidgeon.
26.06 Brown, Sheppard, Jones.

03.07 Hall, Brown, Sheppard.
10.07 Shorland, Hall, Brown.
17.07 Cairns, Shorland, Hall.
24.07 Pidgeon, Cairns, Shorland.
31.07 Jones, Pidgeon, Cairns.

07.08 Shepard, Jones, Pidgeon.
14.08 Shut Down.
21.08 Shut Down.
28.08 Bank Hol


Bryony Cairns, Tegan Cairns, Amy Hall, Jason Hall, Cameron Perkins, Finley Shorland, Natalie Pidgeon, Harrison Jones, *Joe Clymer, Luke Brown, Katharine Sheppard, Michaela Sheppard &*George Claverley.
*Please note Joe Clymer, George Claverley make their own way to Bath

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We need more licensed officials to run events and to complete behind the scenes roles. Why not start to train as an official? Its not as daunting as you think. Most of the training is done on pool side at a pace that suites you. Join a Judge 1 course to see what it is all about. Questions? Please ask Darren Hall or e-mail the club This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are a parent of a CASC swimmer and have an hour or two to spare each week please contact a member of the committee either on poolside or via the 'contact us' link above as we are always looking for help from committed parents. Support is welcome both on poolside and behind the scenes with club administration / management functions.

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