Welcome to the Chippenham Amateur Swimming Club Website. Chippenham Amateur Swimming Club was Founded in 1877, is Affiliated to Swim England and Swim21 Accredited.
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ASA South West Region Fast 5


Chippenham had a strong team of 15 swimmers who qualified to enter and swam at the ASA South West Region Fast 5 Competition on Sunday 8th July at GL1 Leisure Centre, Gloucester.  The swimmers were;


Holly Parker, Isabelle Chappell, Amelie Bartlett, Niamh Irwin, Amy Gibbons, Ella Parker, Maddy Lavelle, Michaela Sheppard, Natalie Pidgeon, Amy Hall, Louis Nicholls, Ethan Garrett, Jason Hall, Luke Brown and Harrison Jones.


The swimmers swam 5 races which were 50m in each of the four strokes and 100m IM. Fina points are awarded for each swimmer in every race and the points are added together to give a total for each swimmer. The swimmers in each age group are then ranked based on their final points. An award is presented to the top 3 swimmers in each age group.

Chippenham ASC had 3 swimmers that finished in the top 3 in their age group, a fantastic achievement, they were: 


Amy Gibbons - 3rd in the 15 year old girls age group

Michaela Sheppard - 2nd in the 16 year old girls age group

Ethan Garrett - 2nd in the 16 year old boys age group


Chippenham ASC also had a number of top 10 swimmers in their age group, they were:


Ella Parker -  4th in age group 

Niamh Irwin - 10th in age group

Natalie Pidgeon - 5th in age group 

Amy Hall - 8th in age group

Jason Hall - 6th in age group

Harrison Jones - 9th in age group


All swimmers swam well with lots of great pbs, well done to everyone.

Salisbury Level 3 Open Meet


Salisbury Stingrays held a Level 3 Open Meet on Sunday 3rd June 2018, at The Five Rivers Leisure Centre, Salisbury. This was a one day sprint open meet that offered races over the distance of 50m and 100m in all strokes.


Chippenham ASC had a small team of 3 swimmers attend. They swam a total of 23 races and secured an impressive total of 11 medals (4 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze). Also many PB's were secured.


Well done to all the swimmers.

South West Regional Age Group Competition


Chippenham ASC had 5 swimmers who qualified and swam at the South West Regional Age Group Competition, held at Hengrove, Bristol on 12th and 13th May and Millfield on 19th and 20th May 2018. They were;


Amelie Bartlett, Holly Parker, Louis Nicholls, Niamh Irwin and Peter Weston-Burt.


Sadly due to the number of entries from the South West, Chippenham ASC had 4 entries deleted from the races. The team therefore competed in a total of 9 races over the four days. Everyone swam well with a high number on PB's in this long course event. Amelie Bartlett secured a place in the final of the 100m Breaststroke by finishing in 8th place in the heats. Swimming again in the final Amelie finished in 8th place, a fantastic achievement!


In a change to previous years, the 800m Freestyle and 1500m Freestyle were available to both male and female swimmers, regardless of their age. The qualification for these events were not through gaining qualifying times but through the swimmers position on the South West rankings. Having already competed in the 800m Freestyle event in Plymouth, Luke Brown also qualified and swam the 1500m Freestyle on 19th May at Hengrove, Bristol. Luke swam well to finish in 5th place in his age group of 17 years and over.


Well done to all swimmers.


Chippenham results (times and placing) can be found in the results section or using the link below;



South West Regional Youth Competition


Chippenham ASC had 11 swimmers who qualified and swam at the South West Regional Youth Competition, held at Plymouth on 4th to 6th May 2018. They were;


Adam Graham, Amy Gibbons, Amy Hall, Ella Parker, Ethan Garrett, Harrison Jones, Jason Hall, Luke Brown, Maddy Lavelle, Michaela Sheppard and Natalie Pidgeon.


They competed in a total of 32 races over the three days. Finals took place for each of the 3 age groups; 15 year olds, 16 years and 17 years and over, in all the 50m, 100m and 200m events. The fastest 10 swimmers in each of these 3 age groups, in each 50m, 100m or 200m event, then raced again at the end of the session. Chippenham ASC had swimmers who made the finals and also came in the top 10 in the longer events, they were:


Amy Gibbons      -  100m Breaststroke - finished 7th in final

                                 200m Breaststroke - finished 7th in final


Ella Parker           -  200m Butterfly - finished 9th in final

                                100m Backstroke - 2nd reserve for final

                                400m IM - finished 10th


Ethan Garrett       -  200m Butterfly - finished 8th in final


Harrison Jones     -  400m IM - finished 10th


Luke Brown        -  800m Freestyle - finished 4th


Everyone swam well with a number on pb's in this long course event.

Well done to all swimmers.

Taunton Deane and Exeter City Long Course Open Meet


Taunton Deane and Exeter City held a Level 3 and Level 1 Long Course Open Meet on 13th to 15th April 2018 at Millfield School, Street. This was a very busy open meet, with swimmers coming from all over the south west, as it was the last chance to gain a Regional Entry Time ahead of the entry closing date. 

Chippenham ASC had a small team of 3 swimmers take part. They swam a total of 11 races and won a total of 5 medals (3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze). Many long course PB's were secured and also 4 Regional Consideration Times were achieved, they were;


Adam Graham            50m Breaststroke

Louis Nicholls            100m Butterfly

                                    200m Freestyle

Michaela Sheppard     50m Freestyle


Well done to all swimmers.

Calne Open Meet


Chippenham ASC had 12 swimmers who took part at the Calne Alpha Four Level 3 open meet on 7th and 8th April 2018. This was the last opportunity to gain Regional Qualification Times at a short course open meet before the entry deadline.


It was a busy open meet with clubs from all over Wiltshire taking part. Chippenham swimmers took part in 50 races, they achieved an impressive 33 medals (18 golds, 6 silver and 9 bronze). Numerous PB's were achieved and also 5 Regional Consideration Times were secured, they were;


Adam Graham              50m Breaststroke

Holly Parker                  100m Backstroke

Jason Hall                     100m Breaststroke

Louis Nicholls               200m Freestyle

Maddy Lavelle              50m Breaststroke


Well done to all swimmers.

Schedule for 2018 Club Championships.

Note: You must be a paid member of Chippenham ASC prior to the 1st April 2018 to qualify for awards (Category 1, 2 or 3), after this date you may enter as a time trail up until the closing date for entries (15th June 2018).

VenueEventDateLicense Number
Calne  Sprints 1 Saturday  30/06/18 @ 17:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SW181349
St Mary's  Sprints 2 Saturday 14/07/18 @ 16:15hrs Level 4 License # 4SW181350
Corsham  200 IM Sunday    TBC/10/18 @ 19:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SWxxxxxx
St Mary's  Distance Saturday  29/09/18 @ 17:15hrs Level 4 License # 4SWxxxxxx
St Mary's
 400 freestyle + TT Saturday  13/10/18 @ 17:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SWxxxxxx
Corsham  200 backstroke Sunday    14/10/18 @ 19:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SWxxxxxx
Corsham  200 butterfly Sunday    28/10/18 @ 19:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SWxxxxxx
Corsham  200 freestyle Sunday    4/11/18 @ 19:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SWxxxxxx
St Mary's  200 breaststroke Saturday  10/11/18 @ 17:15hrs Level 4 License # 4SWxxxxxx
Corsham  400 IM Sunday    11/11/18 @ 19:30hrs Level 4 License # 4SWxxxxxx

Provisonal - Dates and Times. License Numbers will be confirmed later. Items in Red Text need to be confirmed due to potential clashes. All events outside or normal training pool will have a spectator charge to cover the additional costs of pool hire. St Mary's or Calne are used to reduce the length of time of these events.

Entry times

*The CASC internal performance database will not be updated for any Gala's after the closing date for entries and therefore improved times will not be used for heating swimmers. 

Heat sheets will be printed on the night apart from Pre-heated Sessions when you should bring your own please.

Entry times for Sessions 1 & 2 in June/July will be taken from rankings or the *CASC internal database up to and including Sunday 3rd June 2018 

(This is to allow time for the heat sheets and time cards to be printed and guillotined for the sprints events.)

Entry times for Sessions 3-10 in September to November will be taken from the CASC internal performance database and improved times from rankings will be used prior to these sessions – Heat sheets will be printed on the night and handed out. Please note we will generally check rankings on the Friday evening before the weekend's events, this means that generally open-meets from the previous weekend will be included.

The Pre-Heated - Time Trail event for Session 05 - 400 Freestyle (25m sprints) will be printed about 2 weeks in advance (previous 25m times will be used where possible).

Approximate Schedule (for Guidance Only: Things outside our control can cause this to change!)

  • 1st April 2018 – Deadline for membership, after which all new members will be eligible to enter as time trail only (No awards/medals/trophies ).
  • 30th April 2018 - Final Schedule published  - [Still TBA due to conflicting dates for 200IM - this will be sheduled during a nomal training session]
  • 27th May 2018 – Entries Open (Email Invites Sent) (3 Weeks allowed for entry - 1 week removed as there are less openmeets)
  • 15th June 2018 – Entries Close at Midnight (Please ensure payments are made before 23rd June)

Normally a week is allowed here for openmeet results to become available. This is not required this year

  • 17th June 2018 – Start Lists Published (Entries Received)

7 Days parents review (Please check the starts lists carefully and as soon as possible]

  • 23/24th June 2018 – Events Heated (Gary - Sat) and Heatsheets Printed (Philip - Sun) for Officials for Sessions 1 & 2 - Final Heatsheets published  - [After the 26th June - Please Print your own copies for Sessions 01 & 02]
  • 30th June 2018 – Club Championships Start Sessions 1-2
  • 29th Sept 2018 – Club Championships Start Sessions 3-10

 Note: When the Entries open please apply for all Sessions and Events for July and September to November. You may change entries for session 3-10, ideally with as much advance warning as possible please.

[We are seeking officials and volunteer for these events - if you would like to help out or could spare the time to get trained to at least timekeeper or volunteer to help please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Chippenham ASC is accredited as a SwimMark teaching level club.

SwimMark is a planning tool, based on the principles of Long Term Athlete Development, enabling clubs to help athletes, teachers, coaches and administrators to achieve their full potential. It focuses particularly on the needs of athletes - striving to provide them with the best possible support and environment.

Accreditation recognises nationally and regionally the clubs that are committed to providing safe, effective and quality services for the benefit of their members.

Clubs work steadily towards the attainment of a series of outcomes all of which are seen as essential if the right level of support is to be provided at each stage of an athlete's development.

SwimMark Accreditation is available to ASA clubs of all aquatic disciplines that are positioned at one or more of the four levels of:
• Teaching
• Skill Development
• Competitive Development
• Performance

The ASA has a commitment to achieving its equity targets throughout the sport. SwimMark is no different and the Association is keen to support clubs in the shared objective of widening the participation base and hence the performance of the sport as a whole.

2009 ASA Parent & Swimmer's Guide to SwimMark (To be updated) Link
2011 Club Networks [SwimMark Network Leaflet - South West] (To be updated) Link
Day   Time   Squads   Location    
Sunday   17:30 - 19:00hrs
17:30 - 19:00hrs
  Olympiad Sports Centre,

  19:30 - 21:30hrs
19:30 - 21:30hrs
  Competitive Performance Development
Competitive Performance Advanced
  Springfield Centre,

  19:30 - 21:00hrs   Competitive Performance Advanced
(Head Coach Invitation Only)
  Bath University (50m Pool)    

  18:30 - 19:00hrs
19:00 - 20:00hrs
20:00 - 21:00hrs
20:00 - 21:00hrs
  FUNdamentals (upto NPA 7)
Competitive Skills
Competitive Performance Development
Competitive Performance Advanced
  Olympiad Sports Centre,

  19:30 - 21:00hrs
19:30 - 21:00hrs
  Competitive Performance Development
Competitive Performance Advanced
  Olympiad Sports Centre,
Wednesday   20:00 - 21:30hrs
20:00 - 21:30hrs
  Competitive Performance Advanced
  St Mary's, Calne    

  18:00 - 19:00hrs
18:30 - 20:00hrs
20:00 - 21:00hrs
19:30 - 21:00hrs
  FUNdamentals (upto NPA 7)
Competitive Skills
Competitive Performance Development
Competitive Performance Advanced
  Springfield Centre,

NPA - Nation Progression Awards - Now called Swim Framework Stages - See ASA Learn to Swim Pathway for more details.

Click the following link to see the Monday Car Rota, if you are not curently listed please arrange appropriate travel and supervision for your children.

(Please note: There is normally a gradually transistion from one squad to another and therefore the sessions they attend, depending on swimmer capability, lane capacity and child safeguarding.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a swimmer regularly misses one of the above sessions for 6 or more occurances the club will seek to understand why and if necessary remove the swimmer from that session. This is in the interest of making the best use of the lanes for all swimmers.

Date Description View
Oct-17 Coach and Teacher Rota Link
Oct-17 Pool Allocation Plan Link

 (Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by email if you see any errors or omissions).

Chippenham ASC is a small club with limited lane time and resources.  It is therefore necessary for children to share a lane with children who turn 18 once they are judged to have the strength and ability.  A Risk Assessment has been carried out and is available to view on the Club > Reference Documents website page.

Annual General Meetings:

07-Jan-11 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
06-Jan-12 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
25-Jan-13 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
10-Jan-14 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
09-Jan-15 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
08-Jan-16 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
20-Jan-17 AGM Meeting Minutes Link

Codes of Conduct:

May-09 Committee Members, Officials & Volunteers Link
Jan-11 Parents & Carers Link
Feb-12 Club Officials (Coaches, Teachers, Team Managers, Judges, Helpers & Other Officials) Link

Club Policy:

Dec-10 Recruitment of Volunteers Link
Jul-11 Recognising & Rewarding Volunteers Link
Jul-17 Openmeet Policy Link

Club Medical Policy:

Jan-16 Medical Information Policy Link
Jan-16 Medical Information Form Link

Risk Assessments:

Jul-10 Risk Assessment - Attending Open Meets / League Gala's / Championships Link
Jan-14 Risk Assessment - Club Training Link
Jan-11 Risk Assessment - Social Events Link
Mar-14 Risk Assessment - Adults/Children Swimming in Same Lane Link

Employers Liability Insurance:

01-Apr-16 Certificate of Insurance, 01-Apr-16 to 31-Mar-17 Link

Amateur Swimming Association / FINA:

2017 ASA Handbook 2017 Link
2014 ASA SW Region Handbook Link
2012 ASA SW Region Yearbook Link
2013-14 ASA Wiltshire Handbook Link
2013-2017 FINA Swimmming Rules 2013-2017 Link
2013 FINA Rules Update 2013 Link
2014 FINA Rules Update 2014 Link

Member Resources:

Jul-15 Photographic Consent Form Link
Mar-12 CASC Training Log Book v01 Link
Jul-12 Nutrition Guidance (Plymouth Leander Swimming) Link
Oct-12 Prevention of Shoulder Injuries in Aquatics Sports Link
Jan-17 CASC Logo Link

Membership Costs (Synchro)

The monthly synchro training session charges are as follows

5:30 – 6 pm session (£14 per month)

5:30 – 7 pm session (£20 per month)

Membership Costs (Swimming)

Training sessions are charged at £14 / month for each day enrolled upto a maximum of 3 days. i.e. for a swimmer that attends every Thursday the monthly charge (paid by standing order) is £14 - for a swimmer that attends every Tuesday and Thursday the monthly charge is £28. Training is held every week with a two week shutdown during August and December.

Younger swimmers generally join the FUNdamentals squad swimming either Tuesday or Thursday each week (see Training > Sessions). As ability and fitness increases swimmers progress to swimming on both Tuesday and Thursday (£28 / month) then Tuesday, Thursday and either Wednesday or Sunday (£42 / month). The next stage would be swimming on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday (£50 / month). The club's top swimmers (Regional / National Level) attend on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday resulting in a monthly charge of £60.

Training days are fixed - swimmers are not permitted to change or substitute sessions to a different day i.e. if a swimmer is registered to attend on a Tuesday only and cannot make that training session please don't swap to another day as this affects training plans and effectively means the club pays for two sets of pool hire while being reimbursed for one.

Pay as you swim is not permitted for any swimmer as this would adversely affect all members due to the higher rates that would need to be charged to cover those sessions when some members do not attend. This approach is also extremely difficult to manage from a training and administration point of view - there aren't enough parent volunteers to cope with the additional workload.

As swimmers graduate through the squads they are provided with appropriate opportunities to compete both for the club and individually at competitions that range from open meets through to Nationals with all levels supported by a strong competition focused training regime. At the same time, with squad advancement comes an increasing proportion of pool-time - i.e. the very youngest swimmers (FUNdamentals) will be swimming for 30mins on Tuesday and/or Thursdays although the senior squads will be swimming either 1½ or 2hrs on each night.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a swimmer regularly misses one of the swimming sessions, on a given day, for 8 or more occurances the club will seek to understand why and if necessary remove the swimmer from that session. This is in the interest of making the best use of the lanes for all swimmers. If you will not be swimming sessions for a prolonged time due to leg / arm or other aliments please contact the club so we can discuss session fee's etc.

Annual Membership Fee (Synchro and Swimming)

In addition to monthly standing orders there is an additional annual membership fee (1st Feb - 31st Jan). This fee is administered by the club but forwarded to Swim England as part of affiliation / insurance. The annual membership fee for 2018 is £45 (single) or £90 (family) and paid by 31st January each year - please monitor your E-Mail for annual membership renewal instructions at this time of year.

Changing the Number of Sessions

Please remember to update your existing standing order when the number of sessions you are registered for changes. If you start swimming an extra day increase your standing order. If you reduce your number of days swimming please reduce your standing order and E-Mail the club using the website 'This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' link above. CASC is not able to change standing order payments - this remains entirely your responsibility.

Club Finances

Chippenham ASC operates as a completely non-profit making club with the aim of matching expenditure with income. The vast majority of funds raised from membership fees and monthly standing orders is used to pay pool hire costs (>95%). Remaining funds are used for essential training, events, equipment etc. All coaches, poolside helpers and other club officials provide their time completely free of charge as unpaid volunteers.

Club Resignation

Chippenham ASC cannot cancel Standing Order payments when swimmers leave the club - Bank Rules. It is the parents sole responsibility to cancel standing orders on leaving the club. Please E-Mail the club using the website 'This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' link above when this is done.

This section will contain a photographic history of Chippenham ASC.

This section will contain a scrapbook history of Chippenham ASC.

Club History Category

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We need more licensed officials to run events and to complete behind the scenes roles. Why not start to train as an official? Its not as daunting as you think. Most of the training is done on pool side at a pace that suites you. Join a Judge 1 course to see what it is all about. Questions? Please ask Darren Hall or e-mail the club This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are a parent of a CASC swimmer and have an hour or two to spare each week please contact a member of the committee either on poolside or via the 'contact us' link above as we are always looking for help from committed parents. Support is welcome both on poolside and behind the scenes with club administration / management functions.

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