Annual General Meetings:

07-Jan-11 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
06-Jan-12 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
25-Jan-13 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
10-Jan-14 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
09-Jan-15 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
08-Jan-16 AGM Meeting Minutes Link
20-Jan-17 AGM Meeting Minutes Link

Codes of Conduct:

May-09 Committee Members, Officials & Volunteers Link
Jan-11 Parents & Carers Link
Feb-12 Club Officials (Coaches, Teachers, Team Managers, Judges, Helpers & Other Officials) Link

Club Policy:

Dec-10 Recruitment of Volunteers Link
Jul-11 Recognising & Rewarding Volunteers Link
Jul-17 Openmeet Policy Link

Club Medical Policy:

Jan-16 Medical Information Policy Link
Jan-16 Medical Information Form Link

Risk Assessments:

Jul-10 Risk Assessment - Attending Open Meets / League Gala's / Championships Link
Jan-14 Risk Assessment - Club Training Link
Jan-11 Risk Assessment - Social Events Link
Mar-14 Risk Assessment - Adults/Children Swimming in Same Lane Link

Employers Liability Insurance:

01-Apr-16 Certificate of Insurance, 01-Apr-16 to 31-Mar-17 Link

Amateur Swimming Association / FINA:

2017 ASA Handbook 2017 Link
2014 ASA SW Region Handbook Link
2012 ASA SW Region Yearbook Link
2013-14 ASA Wiltshire Handbook Link
2013-2017 FINA Swimmming Rules 2013-2017 Link
2013 FINA Rules Update 2013 Link
2014 FINA Rules Update 2014 Link

Member Resources:

Jul-15 Photographic Consent Form Link
Mar-12 CASC Training Log Book v01 Link
Jul-12 Nutrition Guidance (Plymouth Leander Swimming) Link
Oct-12 Prevention of Shoulder Injuries in Aquatics Sports Link
Jan-17 CASC Logo Link


WavePower: Swim England Website Link
SwimMark: Club Accreditation Information
Approved Swimsuits: FINA Rules
wasp: Website Link
IoS: Institute of Swimming
Swim England: Membership Check
Performance Swimming: TeamBath AS

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Governing Bodies

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