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 NB: Results are available at the website for all Level 4 Events

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Show Ranking Position  [Please refer to the basic guidance below to help using this webpage to determine your child's rank within Wiltshire]

Select the Course (Normally Short)
Select the Stroke (and distance) you wish to compare
Select the gender of your child
Select their age group
Select their age at (Normally end of the year)
Select 1 as Starting Position (You can this to 51, 101 etc later)
Select 50 as records to view
Select County and then Select Wiltshire from the drop down.
Press the button go looking
(You will get a list of results for that given distance and stroke and your child's current position in relation to the rest of the county)
Press Search Again on the results page to search for a different stroke (and distance) etc.


Disqualification Codes: We are switching to using the Judges Disqualification codes: ASA Judges Disqualification Codes, these are numerical codes that a parent will need to lookup, but provide more information on the disqualification. 

A List of the old Disqualification codes (used for event 1 only) can be found HERE.

Note: There are occasions during the club championships when two swimmers in the same age group and of the same gender achieve what appears to be the same time but differing positions, or a dead-heat is declared.

The decision about the results of a heat is for the Referee.  This will be guided by reviewing the reports provided by all the Finishing Judges and Timekeepers.  The ASA guidance to Referees is that, when using manual timing, the finishing order should be established by Referee & Finishing Judges before the Timekeepers’ reports are looked at.  If the reported times do not then reflect the decided finishing order, the recorded time of all those out of sequence will then be adjusted by the Referee to be the average of all the out of sequence reported times.

In the very rare event that more than one swimmer in the same event/age/gender group received exactly the same time to hundredths of a second by swimming in different heats, then a dead-heat would be the actual final result, the winner’s trophy is shared, & appropriate medals given to each.

See also ASA Guidance to FINA Swimming Rules SW11 - Timing (Which also refers to other standards and sections) and the ASA Referee Race Results Workbook which provides further clarification.

Note: Standards are updated and the information provided on this page may not be current at the time of reading, copies of the Fina Rules can be found in the Club -> Reference Documents section.

Current Fina rules can be found from here.

If you still need further clarification please contact the head coach.


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