Chippenham ASC Masters

Masters swimming gives the opportunity for older swimmers to continue to train, compete and socialise past age group competitions. It is eligible for those 25years and above but also open to premasters aged over 18 with teenage swimmers often progressing into Masters.

Since 2013 the club has had swimmers regularly competing at Masters events and has had swimmers competing at National, European and World Championships. We have a range of abilities ages who are part of the Masters squad; with our youngest swimmer being 19 with our oldest 61!

Masters training sessions take place on 2 nights each week:

Wednesday's at St Mary's, Calne from 8:00-9:30

Sunday's at Olympiad from 5:30-7:00 

The Masters squad regularly competes at County level Masters galas as individuals, and/or as members of a relay team. These Galas are held in March, June and October. Chippenham ASC were in the Top 4 Masters teams in the county in 2017 and just outside the top 100 nationally. 

We would welcome anyone wishing to teach or get involved please contact us EMAIL for further details. (or email the general contact_us email address)

Chippenham ASC Masters - National and European Qualifiers

Masters Qualifiers