County Age Group Competition 2018


Wiltshire County Age Group Competition was held at The Five Rivers Leisure Centre, Salisbury and The Link Centre, Swindon on 13th, 14th and 20th of January 2018.


Chippenham ASC had 8 swimmers that qualified and competed at this event, they were;

Jack Chappell, James Wrench, Peter Weston-Burt, Louis Nicholls, Paige Lavelle, Holly Parker, Isabelle Chappell and Amelie Bartlett.


The swimmers swam a total of 75 races (not including finals) over the 3 days. Wiltshire ASA ran finals for each age group in the 50m and 100m events. The fastest 6 swimmers in each age group, in each 50m or 100m event, then raced again at the end of the session. Chippenham ASC had swimmers who made the finals and also won medals in the 200m and 400m events they were;


James Wrench            100m Butterfly - 6th


Peter Weston-Burt      100m Butterfly - 5th


Louis Nicholls            100m Freestyle - 6th

                                    50m Butterfly - 6th 

                                    200m Backstroke - 2nd - Silver Medal

                                    100m Backstroke - 4th

                                    100m IM - 5th

                                    50m Backstroke - 5th

                                    400m Freestyle - 3rd - Bronze medal

                                    100m Butterfly - 5th


Amelie Bartlett           100m Freestyle - 6th

                                    200m Breaststroke - 2nd - Silver Medal

                                    100m IM - 4th

                                    50m Breaststroke - 1st - Gold Medal

                                    100m Butterfly - 5th

                                    200m IM - 3rd - Bronze Medal

                                    100m Breaststroke - 2nd - Silver Medal


Holly Parker               400m IM - 2nd - Silver Medal

                                    100m IM - 5th 

                                    200m Butterfly - 3rd - Bronze Medal

                                    100m Backstroke - 3rd - Bronze Medal

                                    100m Butterfly - 4th


Isabelle Chappell         50m Butterfly - 4th

                                     400m IM - 3rd - Bronze Medal

                                     100m IM - 4th

                                     100m Backstroke - 5th

                                     100m Butterfly - 1st - Gold Medal

                                     50m Backstroke - 4th


A fantastic total of 11 Medals were won over the 3 days (2 Gold, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze).


In addition to this some Regional Consideration Times and Regional Qualification Times were achieved, they were;

Louis Nicholls -     Regional Consideration Time -    100m Backstroke

                                                                                     400m Freestyle

                                                                                     100m Butterfly

Amelie Bartlett -    Regional Entry Time -                  50m Breaststroke

                                                                                     100m Breaststroke

                                                                                     200m Breaststroke

Isabelle Chappell -  Regional Consideration Time -   100m Backstroke

                                 Regional Entry Time -                 100m Butterfly

Peter Weston-Burt - Regional Consideration Time -  100m Butterfly

                                                                                      200m Butterfly


Well done to all swimmers.

Full results can be found at;


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