Wiltshire County Championship and Age Group Sprints 2018


Wiltshire County Championship and Age Group sprints were held on Sunday 25th March at The Link Centre, Swindon. At short notice the event was moved from the usual Milton Road swimming pool to The Link Centre due to pool problems, this meant that the sprints would be held over 25m instead of the previos 36 2/3 yds. There were a total of 8 races, one length in the 25m pool for each of the four strokes for boys and girls.

Chippenham ASC had a large team of swimmers who qualified and swam. It was an amazingly successful day with Chippenham bringing home a total of 46 medals (16 golds, 18 silver and 12 bronze), over the different age groups. 

Also Chippenham ASC had swimmers who placed in the Junior Championship (aged 15 and under). Chippenham ASC dominated the podium winning a total of 15 medals (3 golds - Junior Champions, 3 silvers, 1 bronze, 4 fourth places and 4 fifth places).

For the overall championship, the fastest 6 competitors (regardless of age) swam again for a chance to win the county championship in that stroke. Chippenham were well represented in the 8 championship races. The swimmers were rewarded with 2 gold medals and Championship Titles, 2 silver medals, 4 bronze medals, 2 fourth places, 3 fifth places and 1 sixth place.

Well done to all swimmers.

Full results can be found at  http://www.wiltshireswimming.co.uk/?page_id=913


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