Club News:

Club members and parents often ask about the when and what of food and drink for swimmers.  Chippenham ASC have not developed any specific written guides on food and drinks for swimmers, but if parents wish to know more a good starting point is the publication Nutrition Guidance for Performance Athletes and Parents of Elite Swimmers  - Plymouth Leander Swimming

Key points from this guide

The 30 minute Window. All nutrient replenishment must take place within 30 minutes of a training session and preferably within 15 minutes

Speed killers. Savoury pastries, sweet pastries, crisps, burgers and sausages, chips, chocolate, sweets, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, deep fired anything, fizzy drinks, cooked English bkfast

Hydration and avoiding dehydration. One bottle per hr of training essential. Give a young swimmer a drink they like and there are few problems with re-hydrating.  Don’t arrive to training de-hydrated. Drink a variety of water, squash, fruit juice and milk during the day.  Avoid tea, coffee and all fizzy drink.

Sports drinks/Isotonic drinks.  Isotonic or sports drinks should be treated as liquid food – they will not do anything for re-hydration.  The quantity of carbohydrate in them will actually promote further dehydration.  If swimmers choose to use these then they also need a “drink”  bottle (water based) as well as the Isotonic/Sports  “food” bottle.

Is diet really important for a swimmer?  A balanced varied diet will help to achieve their swimming potential – all swimmers need to ensure that they have the correct amount of energy for growth and development, have the right foods to build and maintain strong bones, need to be fit and healthy and not ill as much as the time as possible, need to recover as quickly as possible, and be able to concentrate on training and school/work.

What are the best foods to eat before training/competing?  The pre training meal should be eaten 2 – 4 hours beforehand and should be low fat, high carbohydrates and low in fibre.  It should be reasonably filling but not cause any discomfort during training from over filling or gastrointestinal upset, and should include some fluid.  Most importantly the meal should be familiar.

Why is hydration so important to performance?  The human body is 60% water.  During exercise some of this essential water is lost as sweat; therefore extra fluids must be drunk to replace it. If a swimmer fails to replace these losses, the body may overheat.  Dehydration is a swimmers worst enemy!  Even mild dehydration reduces strength and stamina. Water should consider an essential part of healthy eating for performance.

There are many more tips, eating plans, Q and A in the guide which can be found at:



A very successful afternoon was had by Chippenham ASC at the South West Novice Figures Competition held at Hengrove Pool on 7th July 2012.

4 Gold medals, 3 silver and 1 bronze.

9/10 years

1st  Jessica Smith        2nd    Lani Attiwell        3rd   Rhian Mackintosh

11/12 years

1st Eloise Legg

Skill 1

13/14 - 1st Isobel Dodd

15 & over - 2nd Shona Moore

Skill 2

13/14 - 2nd Marsha Burgess-Omelchenko, 3rd Ciara Irwin

15 & over - 1st Rachael Lawrence


Fundamental movement skills for a swimmer commencing land training.



University of Bath Sports Training Village.

Lecture Room 1 (along the Tennis Court balcony)


Thursday 27th September 2012

7.00 pm – 9.00 pm.

Workshop Speaker:

Liz Sinton.  Strength and Conditioning coach.  English Institute of Sport.


The evening will include a theory session of approximately 1 hour and a 45+ minute practical session in the Elite gym using young age group swimmers.

There is no cost to the candidates or clubs due to funding through Aquae Sulis PSC/South West Region.

Chippenham attendee nominations are through Stephen Miller and no later than Thursday 20th Sept .

Chippenham Swimming Club results – Summer League round 2 (30th June)

Chippenham swimmers competed in Swindon in the 2nd round of the Summer League Division 1 fixture on Saturday night (30th June). Despite having swimmers competing in the SW Region sprints on the same day travelling straight from Gloucester to Swindon to compete again, Chippenham took 4 first places, 10 seconds and 12 thirds to finish 4th on 94 points.

Chippenham winners included the U16 Boys medley and freestyle team,  and the U12 Boys freestyle and medley team.

After 2 rounds the overall points positions are:  Trowbridge 307, Swindon Dolphins 266, Tigersharks 238, and Chippenham 189.

Chippenham’s  team:  Ben Stephen, Matthew Hardick, John Davies, Luke Collins, Luke Brown, Cameron Perkins, Henry Gaunt, Andrew and Matt Hare, James Tucker, George Claverley, Daniel and John Branston, Joe Bailey, Peter Holden, Henry Moore, Emily Fletcher, Leona Lovegrove, Kathryn Robbins, Tegan and Bryony Cairns, Natalie Pidgeon, Amy Hall, Harriet Olgivie, Chloe May, Puruvi Ruparel, Sapphire Randerson, Katie Smith, Chelsea Chard, Emma Holloway, Evie Preece and Beatrice Moore.



Chippenham ASC had a 100% pass rate at the recent Skills Day at Burnham on Sea on 23rd June.

Jessica Smith - Skill 1, Elise Bright - Skill 2, Rachael Lawrence - Skill 3, Liberty Moore - Skill 3, Emma Holloway - Skill 5.

Chippenham ASC entered the Reading Novice Competition last weekend.    Chippenham entered 37 swimmers.   There were 198 girls entered for figures and 13 teams.

Chippenham took their share of the medals:

Novice 9-12 year olds

3rd Jessica Smith (Special Congratulations to Jess at 9 years old who was one of the youngest competitors in this age group)

Novice 13 & over

2nd Rosie Sanders

3rd Hannah Mash

Skill 1 13 & over

2nd Isobel Dodd

Skill 2 13 & over

1st Rachael Lawrence

3rd Abbie Drummond

8-10 year old TEAMS:

1st Reading Royals, 2nd Portsmouth Victoria, 3rd Chippenham

9-12 year old TEAMS:

1st Reading Royals, 2nd Bracknell, 3rd Chippenham

13-19 year old TEAMS:

1st Witney, 2nd Chippenham, 3rd Bracknell



Chippenham ASC results at South West Region sprints – 30th June.

7 Chippenham Swimming Club members competed at the South West Region Sprint Championships held at Gloucester on Saturday (30th June). Swimmers raced in all four strokes over 50 metres and in a 100 metre individual medley. Points were awarded for each swim and accumulated for overall positions.

In the boys points competition Andrew Hare (12) was 9th, Matt Hare (14) 6th, Peter Holden (15) 16th, and Joe Bailey (17) 20th.

In the girls points competitions Katie Smith (16) was 12th, Beatrice Moore (17) 10th and Tegan Cairns (11) 21st.

All swimmers set personal bests in all events.


Chippenham Swimming Club Results – Wilts County Sprints – 24th June

Chippenham ASC swimmers came home with a hatful of medals from the County sprints held at Milton Road pool, Swindon on Sunday (24th June).

Top swimming performance on the day by a Chippenham member was by Matthew Hardick (9) who set a County of Age group best time in the breaststroke (BS) of 30.22 seconds (36.67 yards). Hardick took home 2 silvers and 2 golds from the 4 sprints.

Boys medal winners were Henry Moore (2 silvers and bronze and 2nd in the senior back stroke (BC), 3rd in the senior butterfly (BF)), Peter Holden (2 silvers, 2nd in the Junior BS and 5th in the senior BS), Matt Hare (gold, silver and bronze – 3rd in the junior BC, 2nd in the junior BF and 5th in the senior BF), James Tucker (gold and 3 silvers – 5th in the junior BS), Nathan Coupland (bronze), Andrew Hare (2 gold, silver and bronze) and Henry Gaunt (bronze). Benjamin Stephen, Luke brown and Jon Davies all swam well.

Girls medal winners were Beatrice Moore (gold and bronze, and 2nd in the senior butterfly), Emily Daulby (gold and bronze, Junior champion in BS and 2nd in the senior BS), Amy Hall (silver and bronze and 2nd in the junior BF, 5th in the senior BF and 5th in the junior freestyle), Bryony Cairns (silver), Puruvi Ruparel (gold), Natalie Pidgeon (silver and bronze), Tegan Cairns (gold and silver). There were also strong swims from Chloe May, Lauren Newlands and Rachel Hare.


Three members of the Bailey family took part in the great north swim on Sunday 24th June 2012.

Despite racing being cancelled on the Saturday due to extremely poor weather, Sunday allowed both Ellis and Phil to each successfully complete the half mile open water event. Joe competed in the full mile and although the field was reduced due to the appalling weather on the Saturday, Joe was placed 23rd in a field of over 2,000 in a time of 24:09.

Congratulations to both.

SW Region Age Group (10-14yrs) Championships at Millfield 16/17 June.

Two brothers from Chippenham swimming club reached the finals of the 200 meters butterfly event at the South West Region Championships on Saturday (16th June).

Matt Hare (14) was 8th in his age group in a personal best 2 minutes 33.45 seconds and Andrew Hare (12) 7th in his final in 2.56.96, also a pb.

Matt Hare also swam in the championships on Sunday (17th June), swimming the 100m butterfly (19th in 1.07.62), the 200m back stroke (19th in 2.33.54) and the 400m freestyle (20th in 4.44.69). Hare was 22nd in his age group points competition.


Chippenham Swimming Club results – South West Regional Age Group Champs 9/10 June

Two Chippenham swimmers competed at the first week end of the Regional Age Group (10-14 years) Championships held at Millfield at the weekend.

Matt Hare (14) started his championships by coming 18th in the 100 metres back stroke in 1 min 10.74 seconds and 11th in the 400m Individual Medley in 5 mins 24.77 secs.

Tegan Cairns (11) was 28th in the 100m back stroke in 1 min 23.81 secs.

The Age group championships concludes next weekend (16/17 June).


Breast Stroke Analysis Clinic – Thursday 28th June 2012 at Bath Uni.

The Aqua Sulis Network Hub has organised a coaching Breast Stroke Analysis session on 28th June at Bath University Sports Training Village (1900hrs - 2100hrs).

Graeme Antwhistle, Assistant Coach British Swimming Bath ITC (2008 Olympic Coach) will run a theory and practical session using local age group swimmers. Chippenham ASC has 3 guaranteed places for this fantastic learning opportunity.

If anyone is interested in attending this golden opportunity to learn more about breast stroke could they please see me (Stephen Miller) poolside. Places need to be confirmed by 18th June.

Wiltshire County Council are supporting monthly training sessions for swimmers with a disability.  I (Stephen Miller) helped out at the latest event held at Devizes on 19th May.

We had 8 swimmers and 4 coaches attend,   four S14 classification swimmers and 4 younger swimmers.  There is no age limit for this training and as long as swimmers can swim a length of the pool without a helper in the water they can come along.  The scheme is supported by coaches from Swindon Dolphins, Trowbridge and Chippenham.

I usually help out with the S14 swimmers and get an hour with them to concentrate on specific stroke improvements, starts and turns and diving.  If any club members want more information on this monthly training opportunity please contact me.

On 19th May Chippenham travelled to Cheltenham Leisure to take part in the Walsall Trophy.



Novice Duet:  Jessica Smith & Rhian Mackintosh - 3rd place

Skill 1 Duet :  Abigail Cross  & Soraya Chesworth - 2nd place

Skill 2 Duet :  Marsha Burgess & Ciara Irwin  -  5th place

Skill 3 Duet :  Abbie Drummond & Liberty Moore - 1st place


Novice Team:  4th place

(Jessica Smith, Rhian Mackintosh, Natalie Dodd, Madeleine Bright, Lauren Makepeace, Lani Attiwell, Kara Mackintosh, Isobel Dodd, Elise Bright, Chloe Makepeace)


Senior Team: 5th place

(Abbie Drummond, Liberty Moore, Kate Cummings, Rachael Lawrence, Amelia Hall, Deborah Moore, Shona Moore, Hannah Crocker, Harriet Byrne)


All the results are added up and given points and out of the 8 teams competing from the South West the winners of the Walsall Trophy 2012 were:


1st Exeter

2nd Cheltenham

3rd Chippenham



Isobel Collings, one of our synchro swimmers, is carrying the Olympic Torch through Calne on Wednesday 23rd May.

Chippenham Swimming Club 4th in Division 1

Newly promoted Chippenham Swimming Club held their own in the first round of the Summer league on Saturday night (12th May) at Trowbridge.

Competing in the top division and swimming against strong teams from Trowbridge, Swindon Dolphins and Tigersharks, Chippenham finished 4th on the night.  There were wins for the U14 boys medley relay team (Tom Tennant, Andrew Hare, Henry Gaunt and Cameron Perkins), the U12 boys free style relay team (Luke Collins, John Davies, Matthew Hardick and Luke Brown) and Maddie Harris in the open 100metres freestyle. Chippenham also had 10 second places.

Head Coach Nigel Butler said “I was really pleased with our new swimmers (Collins, Hardick, Jason Hall, Kathryn Robbins, Emily Fletcher, Lani Attiwell and Leona Lovegrove). They all did really well for the team and thoroughly deserve their blue caps (the blue caps are awarded to swimmers representing Chippenham at galas).  I am looking for the whole team to push on from this result and turn some of the close finishes into more points on the board”

The points position was Trowbridge 162, Dolphins 128, Tigersharks 111, Chippenham 95.

Chippenham’s  team:  Jason Hall, Matthew Hardick, John Davies, Luke Collins, Luke Brown, Tom Tennant, Cameron Perkins, Henry Gaunt, Andrew and Matt Hare, James Tucker, Daniel and John Branston, Joe Bailey, Peter Holden, Henry Moore, Matt Cruse, Jack Cook, Jack Crow, Emily Fletcher, Lani Attiwell, Leona Lovegrove, Kathryn Robbins, Tegan and Bryony Cairns, Natalie Pidgeon, Amy Hall, Harriet Olgivie, Chloe May, Puruvi Ruparel,  Emily Daulby,  Jessica Stafford, Sapphire Randerson, Katie Smith, Chelsea Chard, Emma Holloway, Evie Preece and Maddie Harris.

Chippenham swimmers compete at Regional Youth championships.

Chippenham swimmers competed at the South West Regional Youth (15yrs & over) Championships held at the new 50 metre 10 lane pool in Plymouth on the Bank Holiday weekend (5th - 7th May 2012).

Katie Smith and Jack Crow reached the finals (top 10 in each age group to qualify) in their event. Smith was a fine 5th in the 200 metres breast stroke and Crow 9th in the 50m back stroke. Crow was also 17th in the 50m butterfly and 21st in the 100m fly.

Evie Preece was 14th in the 200m breast stroke and 16th in the 200m back stroke. Chelsea Chard was 5th in the 400m individual medley, 15th in the 200m back stroke and 16th in the 100m back stroke. Beatrice Moore was 22nd in the 100m butterfly.

Joe Bailey was 26th in the 200m IM, 28th in the 100m fly and 29th in the 100m backstroke. Peter holden was 31st in the 200m IM.

Regional championships continue with the BagCats (14yrs & younger) on the 9th June 2012.

Chippenham swimmer George Claverley came second in the British Schools Biathlon Championships at Crystal Palace on Sunday (25th March).

Sheldon pupil Claverley took the silver medal in the year 9 boy’s event by swimming 100 meters in 59.98 seconds and running the 1000 metres in 3 minutes 0.57 seconds to score 2600 points.

Chippenham Swimming Club finish 6th in winter league final – 24th March

Chippenham ASC finished 6th at the Wilts Winter League final on Saturday night (24th March) at the Link Centre Swindon.

Having qualified for the Division 1 final by winning the 3rd round event at Corsham, Chippenham found the final tough going against stronger teams from around the region.

The final result on the night left Chippenham behind Trowbridge A (1st), Swindon dolphins A (2nd) , Tigersharks ( 3rd)   Bradford on Avon and Salisbury.

Chippenham Squad were: Tegan Cairns, Puruvi Ruperal, Natalie Pidgeon, Abbie Cross, Amy Hall, Harriet Olgivie, Jess Stafford, Bryony Cairns, Sapphire Randerson, Chloe May, Katie Smith, Chelsea Chard, Evie Preece, Emma Holloway, Charity Moore, Luke Brown, John Davies, Henry Gaunt, Tom Tennant, Andrew Hare, Matt Hare, Sam Miller, Nathan Coupland, Dan Branston, John Branston, Jack Cook, Ben Holloway, Henry Moore, Peter Holden, Jack Crowe and Joe Bailey.

Chippenham swimmers win medals at Age Group Championships

Chippenham Swimming club brought home 11 more medals from the Wilts County age group championships at the weekend.  (March 17/18).

Top performers were Andrew Hare and Matthew Hardick.  Hare collected a gold, 3 silvers and a bronze as well as taking 6th place in his age group points competition.

Hardick was Chippenham’s star performer of the championships adding 3 golds and a silver to his collection and winning his age group points competition.

Chippenham county swimmers at the weekend included Natalie Pidgeon, Chloe May, Harriet Olgivie, Tegan and Bryony Cairns, Luke Brown, Henry Gaunt, John  Davies, James Tucker, Amy Hall  and Gordon Elliot.

Chippenham Swimmer to take part in British Schools Biathlon Championships.

Chippenham ASC swimmer George Claverley will be taking part in the British Schools Biathlon Championships at Crystal Palace on 25th March 2012. George who will be swimming 100 meters and running 1000 m, qualified for the British Championships by winning the semi-final held in Bath on 22 January.  George swam 59.80 seconds (100m) and ran the 1,000m in 3 minutes 14.24 secs to top his year group.


Chippenham Swimming club win at Corsham – Winter League Round 3

Corsham Springfield Leisure Centre came to the rescue of the Wilts Winter League by hosting 2 galas back to back on Saturday night (10th March).

After a last minute hitch with venues, 2 galas had to be held at Corsham.  In the first gala Chippenham ASC ran out winners against local rivals Bradford on Avon, Corsham A and Swindon Dolphins B. Chippenham had 20 wins on the night from the 39 relay races contested.  Chippenham’s   Head Coach Nigel Butler declared himself satisfied with the night’s proceedings and said the team was looking forward to the grand final on 24th March at the Link Centre in Swindon.

Scores on the night were Chippenham 129, Bradford On Avon 110, Corsham A 90, and Swindon Dolphins B 57.

Chippenham Squad were:  Tegan Cairns, Puruvi Ruperal, Natalie Pidgeon, Abbie Cross, Amy Hall, Harriet Olgivie, Jess Stafford, Bryony Cairns, Sapphire Randerson, Chloe May, Katie Smith, Chelsea Chard, Evie Preece, Emma Holloway, Charity Moore, Luke Brown, John Davies, Henry Gaunt, Tom Tennant, Andrew Hare, James Tucker, Matt Hare, Sam Miller, Nathan Coupland, Dan Branston, John Branston, Jack Cook, Ben Holloway, Henry Moore, Peter Holden and Joe Bailey.

As part of implementing Chippenham ASC’s Equality Action Plan, the club supports the Disability Swimming Wilts County training programme. Supported by Aiming Higher and in partnership with ASA and local swimming clubs, Wilts Council offer monthly  county training sessions for swimmers with a disability.

Location: Devizes Leisure Centre, Southbroom Road, Devizes, SN10 5AB

Dates: 14th April, 19th May, 23rd June, 28th July, 8th Sept, 20th Oct, 17th Nov, 15th Dec

Time: 4.00pm – 5.00pm

These sessions are aimed at children and young people with a physical, sensory or learning disability, who are interested in competitive disability swimming.

For more information and to register please contact Nancy Davies This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to club volunteer Stephen Miller pool side.