Club News:

9 Chippenham swimmers now have qualifying times for the South West Regional Championships to held later in the year at Plymouth (Youths) and Millfield (Age Groups) following completion of the Youth County championships. They are Matt Hare (5 events), Henry Moore (3 events plus 2 consideration times (CT)), Jack Crow (2 events plus 1 CT), Chelsea Chard (3 CTs), Beatrice Moore (1CT), John Branston (1CT),  Katie Smith (2CTs), Evie Preece (2CTs) and Peter Holden (1CT).

The Wiltshire county age group (9-13) Championships got underway at Swindon on Sunday (4th March).

16 Chippenham swimmers competed winning 7 medals in all.  Star swimmer was Matthew Hardick with golds in the 200m BC, 50m freestyle (FS) and 50m BS and silver in the 200m FS.  Andrew Hare won 3 medals:  silver in the 100m BF and 50m BS and bronze in the 400m individual medley.

There were also competitive swims from Puruvi Ruparel, Natalie Pidgeon, Amy Hall, Tegan and Bryony Cairns, Luke Brown, John Davies, Chloe May, Henry Gaunt, Lucy Featherston, Nathan Coupland, Cameron Perkins and Gordon Elliot.

13 Chippenham swimmers competed on the last day of the County youth championships at Swindon on Saturday (Mar 3).

Age group medallists were Matt Hare (bronze 200m butterfly (BF)), John Branston (silver 50m back stroke (BC)), Henry Moore (bronze 50m BC), Jack Crow (50m BC), Beatrice Moore (silver 200m BF), Katie Smith (silver 200m breast stroke (BS)) and Evie Preece (gold 200m BS).

In the Junior Championship (top 6 of ages 14/15) Hare was 4th in the 200m BF and Branston 3rd in the 50m BC. Emily Daulby was 6th in the 50m BC and smith 6th in the 200m BS.  Crow was 3rd in the overall championship 50m BC.

There were also good swims from Joe Bailey, Jess Stafford, Peter Holden, Emma Holloway and Dan Branston.


Chippenham ASC South West regional qualifiers so far ...

Following the first 2 days of the Wilts County Youth Championships, 7 Chippenham swimmers have so far met qualifying times for the Regional championships to be held later in the year. These include  Matt Hare (4 events), Henry Moore (2 events plus 2 consideration times), Jack Crow (1 event plus 1 consideration time), Chelsea Chard (3 consideration times), and with 1 consideration time each Beatrice Moore, John Branston, Katie Smith and Evie Preece.

16 Chippenham Club swimmers competed at the Wiltshire County Youths (aged 14 and over) Championships at the weekend (25/26 Feb 2012) at the Link Centre in Swindon.

In the boys races age group medallists included Matt Hare (silver 400m individual medley (IM), bronze 50m butterfly(BF)), John Branston (bronze 100m BF and 50m BF), Peter Holden (bronze 400m freestyle(FS)), Joe Bailey (bronze 100m BF and 50m BF), Jack Crow (bronze 100m BF, silver 50m BF). Hare swam the most qualifying swims competing in 10 events over the weekend.

In the overall Championship races (Juniors ages 14/15 top 6 and Championships top 6 overall). Branston was 4th in the Junior championship 100m fly and 6th in the Junior championship 100m backstroke (BC).  Hare was 6th in the Junior championship 50m Fly. Henry Moore was 4th in the Championship 100m BC and 6th in the 200m BC. Crow was 5th in the Championship 50m BF.

In the girls races medallist were Beatrice Moore (bronze 50 BF), Chelsea Chard (silver 100 and 200m BC, bronze 400IM), Katie Smith (bronze 50m and 100m breast stroke(BS)),  Emma Holloway (bronze 200m FS), Evie Preece (bronze 100m BC).

Emily Daulby was 4th in the Junior Championship 50m BS.

There were also good swims from Daniel Branston, Ben Holloway, Jessica Stafford, and Sapphire Randerson.

The Youth championships completes on 3rd March.

There will be an Injury Prevention Workshop at the Link Center, Swindon on 25th March  0930-1130.


The Club have been allocated two places and the course will cover:


Anatomy and mechanism of common injuries

Signs and symptoms of common injuries

Technique, and its contribution to injury

The coach’s role in managing a swimmer in pain

The management of young swimmers

Warm up do’s and don'ts


If Interested please let the club secretary know through the usual email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chippenham ASC 5th overall after Winter League round 2.

With 2 rounds of the Winter league completed and all the gala results gathered in, Chippenham ASC are 5th overall of 24 teams and on the cusp of qualifying for the top final In March.

Chippenham lie behind Trowbridge A, Tigersharks, Swindon Dolphins A and Salisbury but ahead of Bradford On Avon and Corsham A. If Chippenham can put a good performance together at the next Winter League at Corsham on March 10th then the club has a very good chance of qualifying for the top 6 final on 24th March.

Aquae Sulis Hub Network Coaches Event - 16th February 2012

25 coaches from across Wilts and BANES attended the inaugural coach's learning session organised by Aquae Sulis at the Bath Sports Village on 16th Feb.

Graeme Entwhistle, who coached UK swimmers at the Bejing Olympic games and is currently part of the ASA Intensive Training Centre based in Bath, presented his ideas on improving swimmers butterfly stroke and then led a coaching session with 8 Corsham swimmers.

Chippenham coaches Stephen Miller and Tony Wright attended the 2hr learning event and hope to bring some of the things they learned into regular Chippenham training sessions. This was the first such learning event organised by Aquae Sulis and it is planned that further events cover other strokes and other training that can aid the development of our swimmers. As Graeme is poolside at Bath with the ITC on a daily basis, he offered the opportunity for coaches to come and watch how he trains his elite athletes.

Wiltshire Long Distance Swimming Championships 2012

Chippenham swimmers started off the 2012 Wiltshire County Championships at the long distance events held at Bath University on Sunday 29th January.

In the girls 800 metre races, Tegan Cairns swam 11min 49.25s for 5th in her age group. Older sister Bryony swam 11min 22.15s for 8th in her age. Sapphire Randerson put in a good effort in swimming 11min 58.36s finishing 4th in her age group.

For the boys Matt Hare swam his 1,500 metre race in 19min 42.10s for 4th in his (14yr old) age group and 8th overall in the Junior Championships (15 and under). Peter Holden was second in his (15yr old) age group in 20min 10.02s.


Chippenham Swimming Club – Disability Update and South West Open Assessment day

Update on Chippenham ASC involvement in disability swimming.  The club currently have a number of specifically trained coaches and teachers including Nigel and Heather Butler and Lynn Denning.  In 2011 the club supported the Wilts County assessment day for disability swimmers and currently provides support to the Wilts Academy with Stephen Miller helping out every 4 weeks at Devizes.

Wilts Academy: A Wiltshire based Swimming Academy launched in September 2011 and targets young people with a disability that show an interest and some ability in swimming. The academy is for children aged 8 years and above with sessions running until April 2012. Sessions are delivered on a monthly basis at Devizes Leisure Centre and operate in accordance with the Playground2Podium elite talent pathway. Members of the academy receive technical coaching and any young people who demonstrate further talent will be signposted to the Regional Development Centre at Bristol.

Negotiations are underway to extend funding for the Wilts Academy beyond April .

South West Open Assessment day - To celebrate 200 days to go until the start of the Paralympic Games,   the South West Disability Swimming Squad are hosting an Open Assessment Day designed to get more people with a disability involved in swimming.

Date: Saturday 11th February 2012

Venue: Horfield Leisure Centre, Bristol, BS7 0XW

Time: 5:00PM-6:00PM

Swimmers will need to register for the event by contacting Gavin Phillips, Chair of South West Disability Swimming Squad on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07899 665828

This is a fantastic opportunity to use the power of the London 2012 Paralympic Games to get more children and young people involved in sport.

10 Volunteers from Chippenham Swimming Club have been awarded their certificates in Level 1 coaching.

The volunteers completed their training over a number of Sundays and Tuesday evenings at the Olympiad pool in Chippenham during November and December.  This included planning and delivering coaching sessions to Chippenham club swimmers on Tuesday nights.  The club funded the cost of this training which enables the club to continue to provide high quality and safe training under the supervision of Head Coach Nigel Butler.

The newly qualified L1 coaches are Chris Hardick, Marianna Hare, Gary Brown, Mark Olgivie, Stephen and Evie Preece, Kim Branston, Ruth Powell, Tony Wright and Stephen Miller.


Chippenham Swimming Club 2nd in Winter League.

Chippenham ASC finished 2nd to Swindon Tigersharks in the 2nd round of the Wilts Winter League held at the Link Centre, Swindon on Saturday night (14th Jan).

Chippenham won 11 races of 39 (all relays):  U13 boys breast stroke, over 17 boys medley, U15 girls free, U17 girls breast stroke, U17 boys breast stroke, over 17 boys free, squadron (one from each age group) boys breast stroke, U13 girls free, U13 boys free, over 17 boys back, U15 boys breast stroke.

Scores on the night were Tigersharks 221, Chippenham 173, Corsham A 132, Trowbridge B 109, Wroughton 91, Swindon Dolphins B 85.

The 3rd round of the Winter League will be held on 10th March with Chippenham hosting a gala at Corsham swimming pool.

The full Chippenham squad included:

Lucy Featherston, Tegan Cairns, Abbie Cross, Natalie Pidgeon, Puruvi Ruparel, Bryony Cairns, Chloe May, Harriet Ogilvie, Emily Daulby, Sapphire Randerson, Charity Moore, Chelsea Chard, Katie Smith, Evie Preece, Beatrice Moore, Emma Holloway

John Davies, Luke Brown, Andrew Hare, Henry Gaunt, Thomas Tennant, James Tucker, Nathan Coupland, Sam Miller, George Claverley, Daniel Branston, Matthew Hare, Peter Holden, Henry Moore, Joe Bailey, Jack Crow


Chippenham swimming club held its last championship event of 2011 on Sunday Night (18th Dec) with swimmers tackling the 200 metre freestyle race.

Age group winners for the boys were Luke Brown, Andrew Hare, Matt Hare, Peter Holden and Henry Moore.  Girl age group winners were Tegan Cairns, Lucy Featherston, Chloe May, Chelsea Chard and Emma Holloway.

Fastest times on the night came from Moore – 2 minutes 10.31 seconds and Holloway – 2.23.82

There were 44 swimmers.


Chippenham Swimming club held its second sprint night and 200 Individual medley races on the weekend of 10/11th December.

Highlight of the sprints night was an exciting “skins” contest.  The top 6 swimmers go head to head over 50 meters until only one swimmer is left standing.  Peter Holden held off Andrew Hare in the B final and Henry Moore beat Matt Hare in the A final.  Chelsea Chard won the B final from Katie Smith, and in the A final Emma Holloway touched first just ahead of Evie Preece.

Age group winners of the sprint races - 25m freestyle (FS), 25 m breast stroke (BS),  50m butterfly (BF), 50m backstroke (BC), 100m breast stroke, 100m freestyle included:

Andrew Hare 100m FS, 50 BC, 100m BS, 50m BF,          Matt Hare 100m FS, 50m BC, 100m BS, 50m BF,          John Branston 100m FS, 50m BC, 50m BF,            Jack Cook 100m FS, 50m BF,          Lucy Featherston 100m FS,          Chloe May 100m FS, 50m BC,          Charity Moore 100m FS,          Emma Holloway 100m FS,          Matthew Hardick  50m BC, 25m BS, 25m FS,          Henry Moore  50m BC,          Tegan Cairns  50m BC, 50m BF,          Puruvi Ruparel  50m BC, 50m BF,          Chelsea Chard  50m BC, 50m BF,          Evie Preece 50m BC, 100m BS,          Joshua Dreelan 25m BS, 25m FS,          Megan Wright 25m BS,          Ellis Bailey 25m BS, 25 m FS,          Gordon Elliot 25m BS, 25m FS,          Jessica Bullock 25m BS,          Chloe Makepeace 25m BS, 25m FS,          Richard Waterfield 25m BS,          Natalie Jones 25m BS, 25m FS,          Peter Holden 100m BS,          Matt Cruse 100m BS,          Natalie Pidgeon 100m BS,          Emily Daulby 100m BS,          Katie Smith 100m BS,          Jess Smith 25m FS,          Luke Brown 50m BF,          Jess Stafford 50m BF,          Beatrice Moore 50m BF,          Leona Lovegrove 25m FS,          Shaun Cairns 25m FS

Age group winners of the 200 IM were: Luke Brown, Andrew Hare, Matt Hare, Peter Holden, Henry Moore, Natalie Pidgeon, Chloe May, Chelsea Chard and Evie Preece.

Fastest swims in the 200 IM were 2 mins 28.11 secs by Matt Hare and 2.42.85 by Chelsea Chard.


Chippenham swimming club were 4th at the first Winter league race of the 2011/12 season on Saturday 26th November.

Chippenham's young squad performed well against strong squads from Swindon Tigersharks, Trowbridge A and B, host club Salisbury, Wroughton, Wootton Basset and Bradford on Avon winning 3races on the night

Each gala involves 39 relays at U13, U15, U17 and over 17.  Many of Chippenham's swimmer had to swim up an age group so coming 4th on the night was an encouraging result.

Overall League positions have yet to be determined with points awarded for the fastest times across the whole league of 28 teams.

Chippenhams girls were - Abbie Cross, Amy Hall, Beatrice Moore, Bryony and Tegan Cairns, Charlotte Myers, Chelsea Chard, Chloe May, Emma Holloway, Harriet Olgivie, Jess Stafford, Katie Smith, Natalie Pidgeon, Puruvi Ruparel, Sapphire Randerson

The boys were - Andrew and Matt Hare, George Claverley, Henry Gaunt, Henry Moore, Jack Cook, Jack Crow, James Tucker, Joe Bailey, John Branston, Luke Brown, Nathan Coupland, Peter Holden, Sam Miller, Tom Tennant

Chippenham ASC club Championships – 200 metres breast stroke

Chippenham swimming club held its club championship 200m breast stroke races on Sunday night (13th Nov) at Corsham.

Boys age group winners were Luke Brown, Andrew Hare, George Claverley, Peter Holden and Matt Cruse.

Girls age group winners were Tegan Cairns, Natalie Pidgeon, Bryony Cairns, Katie Smith  and Evie Preece.

Fastest swimmers on the night were Holden in 2 mins 56.80 secs and Smith in 3 mins 1.80 secs.

56 swimmers competed in 14 heats.

Chippenham Swimming Club 2011 Club Championships – 400 metres Individual Medley

Chippenham ASC held its 400 metres IM championships on Saturday night (29th Oct) at the St Marys pool in Calne

Swimmers had to race 400 metres using all four strokes in order, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and front crawl.

Age group winners were Andrew Hare, Matt Hare, Peter Holden, Henry Moore, Puruvi Ruparel, Jessica Stafford, Chelsea Chard and Evie Preece.

Fastest swims of the night were Moore in 5 minutes 17.28 seconds and for the girls Preece in 5.47.14.

Chippenham swimmer Branwen Harris has recently returned from representing England at the Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships in Durban, South Africa following an invitation to an England trial - after doing well at the University Championships (BUCS) and the nationals earlier in the season. Despite being an accomplished swimmer this was a remarkable achievement having only taking up the lifesaving discipline during the previous year.


Branwen represented England in the following events:


  • 4 x 50m Obstacle Relay - Finished with silver medal in a time of 2:00:15 LC (British record) - 1 metre fences placed 12.5 metres from each end of the pool - so there are 2 for each relay swimmer.
  • 4 x 25m manikin relay - Finished with bronze medal in a time of 1:39:52 LC (British record) - Have to pass the manikin within a 5m allotted space, and the manikin's head can't go under.
  • 4 x 50m medley relay - Performed the third leg which used a thorpe buoy and finished with a bronze medal in a time of 1:52:00 LC (British record) - 1st swimmer = 50m freestyle, 2nd swimmer = 50m freestyle with fins, 3rd swimmer = 50m with thorpe buoy, 4th swimmer = 50m with fins and towing the thorpe buoy with the 3rd swimmer holding on to it
  • 50m manikin carry (Individual) - Ranked 6th and finished 4th with a new personal best time of 39:00 LC - 25m freestyle, dive down 1.8m pick up the 7.5 stone manikin pull to the surface then tow the manikin on your back to the end (25m).


Branwen competed in the England national team which finished 3rd overall behind Australia and South Africa national teams respectively.










Chippenham ASC Support the British Gas ASA National County Team Championships

The British Gas ASA National County Team Championships took place at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield on the 16th October 2011. The event is based around the 33 English Counties from the 8 ASA Regions, the 4 Administrative Districts of Scotland and 2 of Wales making a total of 39 'Counties' competing across two divisions. Individual selection for each County Team is based on National Rankings calculated after the regional competitions held earlier in the summer.

Matt Hare was Chippenham ASC's only representative on the Wiltshire County Team this year and competed in the Individual 100m Fly and 4x50m Medley Team (50m Fly).  Matt won his 100m Fly heat finishing 11th in the division and 28th fastest in Great Britain for his age group on the day. His medley team finished 6th in the division and 19th fastest in Great Britain - Matt's Fly time was 24th fastest across all Division 1 & 2 Teams.

Wiltshire put in a strong performance leading division 2 for the first few races finishing 10th in division 2 at the end of the Championships. Selection for the 2012 Championships will take place next summer based on National Rankings at that time. Chippenham ASC looks forward to supporting the County Team again next year.


Chippenham Swimming Club 2011 Championships – 400m Freestyle

A good turn out of 43 Chippenham Swimming Club swimmers competed over 400 metres at its 2nd 2011 club championship event held at St Marys in Calne on Saturday night.

Age group winners for the boys were Luke Brown, Andrew Hare, Matthew Hare, Peter Holden and Henry Moore.  Moore swam the fastest time of the night with 4 minutes 37.45 seconds.

Age group winners for the girls were Tegan Cairns, Puruvi Ruparel, Jessica Stafford, Chelsea Chard and Evie Preece.  Preece was fastest woman on the night in 4.57.37.


Last week six Chippenham Synchro swimmers attended the Selection day for the South West Training Squads.    All six were selected.

2012 Squads will have the following Chippenham Swimmers:

Talent ID squad (for 12 and under synchro swimmers):

Jessica Smith, Natalie Dodd, Madeleine Bright, Lauren Makepeace, Soraya Chesworth

Academy Development squad (13 plus - Skill 1)

Liberty Moore, Marsha Burgess (pre selected), Ciara Irwin (pre selected)

Academy Squad (13 plus - Skill 2)

Rachael Lawrence (pre selected)

Elite Squad

Isobel Collings, Emma Holloway (both pre selected)